What happens when one or more teeth are missing? What solution can we rely on? What is a dental crown (also called a tooth capsule )? Let’s find out together.

The role of a dental crown is to protect the tooth from infections and diseases such as caries and pyorrhea, as well as from fractures of devitalized teeth. Currently there are different types: today we will see the characteristics of the zirconium crown .

The zirconium crown is a modern and effective solution to replace missing teeth. The material used for the crown is zirconium, while the outer part of the crown is ceramic. This guarantees the capsule a very high resistance , as well as an aesthetics incomparable to any other type of dental crown. Furthermore, zirconium crowns are lighter than metal-ceramic crowns and up to 50% stronger.

Al dente capsule: when is it needed?

The dental capsule is necessary in the presence of a reconstructed tooth, in order to make it more resistant and avoid fracture. In addition, the dental capsule is recommended following devitalization and to improve the aesthetics of the tooth itself, by intervening on the dark color that the tooth can take on following the therapy. Encapsulation is also used in the presence of a fractured or chipped tooth, or by virtue of aesthetic issues related to its shape or color.

How is the dental crown applied?

The application of this type of crown is applied in more than one stage, so it is useful to divide the various steps.

  • – The tooth is devitalized , so as to avoid the pains that can arise when the tooth is alive.
  • – The tooth is then abutment in the part of the reconstruction with the root canal post, until the thickness and dimensions necessary for the insertion of the capsule are obtained.
  • – Take the impression and proceed with the preparation of the artificial crown .
  • – While making the final crown, a temporary crown is placed on the prepared tooth.


Often they are told not to grind their teeth or simply recommended a bite, but have they ever explained to you why they grind their teeth?

Teeth grinding can be a consequence of stress, but it can often also depend on genetics.

During teeth grinding, an enormous amount of force and energy is produced that exceeds up to 3-6 times the pressure we apply when chewing food.

Is it easy to find marks on your teeth?
When people grind their teeth, the cusps are damaged, gradually becoming flatter and shiny and losing volume.

– Is teeth grinding related to snoring?

Some people assume that those who grind their teeth are consequently not “Russian”, unfortunately this is not the case. In reality, grinding is a momentary event and a correlation with “snoring” has been demonstrated.

Is there a point of no return?
The more time passes before taking action, the deeper the damage goes. Once the enamel and part of the dentin have been consumed, it will be necessary to apply the crown on each tooth that has irreparable damage.

Since you cannot stop voluntarily grinding your teeth, the only defense weapon is a “night guard”: the Bite .

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