Dentist Practice’s Role in Staying Healthy

Dental practices all around the nation are beginning to recover from the closures and shutdowns from quarantine. The offices are opening up to patients and now we’ll face questions about how to stay safe in this new environment. what needs to be done if one of your team members test positive for having a call?

How should your office handle in an outside representative from another business that enters into your office and claims to be healthy?

This is a decent article to read on this topic from the CDC:

Dentist offices need to be open.  Dentists have an important role to play in the communities oral as well as mental health.

Now we’re going to look into all of that and more in this article period and explain to you why a smile has more impacts on a patient’s life than we are able to easily measure.

A beautiful smile can ignite a change in the way of persons thinking and give them a new sense of confidence. There’s science behind this period a healthy smile can make you feel good and happy, it even releases chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin into your brain which increase your levels of happiness.

This is why people who are happy smile and vice versa and dentistry can be a powerful tool for creating more happiness in the world by creating more and more beautiful smiles.

It sounds too good to be true but if you are not happy then you are most likely stressed which can release a different chemical into your body such as cortisol. Like most chemicals dosage is important. If daily you are unhappy and daily your body is dumping a bunch of cortisol into your bloodstream then that is too much dosage. And can lead to an unhealthy mental state.

Without a good-looking smile and without being happy regularly and lacking confidence one will have a life filled with negative thoughts and high stress.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Important

This is why cosmetic dentistry is helpful and healthy.

A healthy smile can even impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

We reached out to the folks at and they gave us a hypothetical case study of a recent dental patient of theirs.

For example, say you are a 50-year-old male that is overweight and is complaining of not sleeping well. When the dentist examines him he sees that he has some missing teeth as well as general wear and discoloration on most of his teeth.

Because of his bad teeth this gentleman generally did not smile and overall was not a happy person. He was weak and self-conscious and depressed. this gentleman described having trouble sleeping even though he would go to bed tired after a long day of work.

The patient in a situation like this will need rehabilitation of their entire mouth.

This is not simple, it is a large dental task.

The first step in the process is to take pictures of the patient’s mouth the way it currently looks, and then show him a digital restoration. This is how his mouth and teeth and smile could potentially look if he were to get the necessary rehabilitation work done.

The patient got all excited when they saw the potential period the digital restoration looked great. It gives the patient a goal to reach for. And it also gives them a little boost of optimism which is helpful as well.

This dental patient would also need to see a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders. They would need to meet with a specialist to determine if any of his issues with weight or sleep problems and tiredness were a result of sleep apnea.

A common solution to sleep apnea is a CPAP machine, but this is an old solution. A new less invasive method to fix this problem is learning to breathe through your nose as well as taping your mouth shut while sleeping to assist with nose breathing.

Pretty wild to think that the way you breathe impacts how your teeth are formed and how you smile, right?

The next step will need to evaluate the position of the man’s jaw. It was determined that the jaw would need to be manipulated every two to three weeks to encourage changes in the position of the jawbone. The goal of this work is to uninhibit the weak jaw muscles. You’re going to put the jaw muscles in a position where they are stretched and strengthened so they don’t have to work as hard and the jaw can relax.

After four sessions of jaw realignment, it appeared to be in good condition without any faults discovered in the jawline.

To be certain that the jaw was in a healthy and stable position a hinge access recording was made to confirm this.

Next, it was time to examine the ceramic mock-ups we had made of the patient’s mouth. We compared these to the wax molds of what we wanted the patient’s mouth to look like after we had finished our process. And we realized we had some work to do.

The patient did have some missing teeth which were numbers 7 8 and 9. To account for the missing teeth, we created a wax mock-up and sent these to the dental lab to have fake teeth custom made.

Once we got the new custom fake teeth from the lab we evaluated teeth in positions 7 and 9 and determined that the implants needed a little bit of custom fitting to be done before being installed in the jaw.

A week later the patient came back to our dental office for CEREC crown preparations done under a light sedative. There was much work to do fixing broken crowns and a cracked tooth, as well as capping a chipped tooth.

It was a long procedure that required a lot of work but it was worth it. The patient was very happy when we got done and he could see his large white beautiful teeth.

The patient returned about a month after the operation to have a final exam as well as some cleanup work is done. We did a final rinse and clean as well. We show ed the patient how sturdy his new teeth were by manually flossing between each tooth. The patient could see that none of the crowns and none of the implants moved at all as we’ve lost in between the tightly spaced teeth.

After giving time to recover for a few months we saw the patient one last time and he was like a new man. He had shaved off his beard so you could see his mouth period and he was smiling a big wide smile period and showing off his teeth. To say the patient had confidence is an understatement, the man was glowing. This is a completely changed human being.

The patient was doing better with his sleeping. We did take precautions and create new protective night guards to be worn while he would sleep. This would protect the new teeth from general wear and tear as well as help with his sleep apnea.

This was a complicated case that needed a lot of work. But this just goes to show you the power of dentistry. We took a beaten down the individual and with a lot of work and effort gave him a new life.