Kelowna Dentist & The Importance of Dental Health

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Regular visits to your Kelowna Dentist will keep your teeth healthy

There’s more to maintaining good dental health than just keeping your teeth cavity free. You should take a complete holistic approach to overall oral wellness that includes everything from how your teeth bite together to the health of your gums. Maintaining a prevention-based strategy is the most effective method of keeping your teeth free of disease and healthier for longer.

Many studies have shown that strong dental health is directly associated with overall health and wellness, especially in the absence of gum disease. Preeclampsia, diabetes, pneumonia, high blood pressure, and cardiac disease have all been directly correlated with the severity and presence of oral disease.

You may be familiar with the old saying that your mouth acts as a window for the rest of your body. This means that your Kelowna dentist can get a good sign of your overall wellness and if you have any underlying health conditions by looking at your teeth. If you have disease in your mouth, there’s a high probability that the rest of your body is not healthy too.

Dental surgeons and hygienists recommend that you see a dental specialist for regular checkups at least once every 6 months. While many dental emergencies are cosmetic such as having a crown or filling fixed or even a broken tooth removed. Waiting for tooth decay or a different dental emergency should not be your only reason to visit a dentist.

For example, if the areas surrounding your tooth become swollen and tender but you’re not experiencing pain, have the infection tested before it spreads elsewhere. It isn’t unheard of for these infections to spread throughout your face and elsewhere in your body, causing medical emergencies.

Importance of regular dental care?

We depend on physicians to help maintain our overall body health. But despite this modern medicine has kept the maintenance of your mouth health outside of your doctor’s office. For maintaining your teeth and gums your primary physician will always recommend that you work with a dental specialist.

Dental specialists focus most of their studies on the neck upwards, specifically issues surrounding the oral cavity and this includes the joints and bones of the area

If you are in pain, you have infected gums are tooth decay visiting a dental specialist can help you swiftly eliminate the problem. While other healthcare providers may provide you with anti-inflammatories and painkillers they’re not qualified to restore or treat your teeth. The area of dental care has expanded so much in recent decades there are now many subspecialties within the oral health sphere.

What are the most common dental procedures?

To be considered a major dental procedure, a treatment will have to go beyond what just basic restorative care such as fillings. Examples would include dental bridges, root canal ,dentures, and crowns. These procedures usually take longer and potentially over one appointment in order to complete, due to the complexity of their nature.

Undergoing a major dental treatment can have a significant impact on your quality of life and overall dental health. On top of eliminating pain and avoiding more complicated future procedures, it can help people live a balanced, healthy life.

however, you do not want to become reliant on a major dental procedure, it’s best that they be avoided. The only way to prevent oral health problems is to fix any issues as soon as they arise. Not getting a tooth cavity filled soon could eventually develop into an abscess which may require root canal in order to fix. Most dental surgeons will try their best to treat you in their own office, but occasionally they may need to refer you to a specialist for you receive a higher level of treatment.

Types of dental specialists

A dental specialist is a general dentist who has done an additional 2 to 3 years of specialist study in a specific area of dentistry. Examples include orthodontist, periodontists (specialise in treating gums), endodontists (specialise in root canals) and pediatric dentist to name the most common.

Having access to a dental specialist can prove vital when specific oral conditions need advanced skills or technology to either complete or fix. Narrow canals and curved roots are common, and they need specific endodontic treatment to ensure the successful completion of a root canal treatment.

In the event did you need general anesthesia to remove difficult or multiple wisdom teeth most dentists will arrange for an oral surgeon to perform the operation as they will have a greater understanding of anesthesia and the dangerous attached

You can either arrange for a dental specialist to visit your general dental office or meet them at their own specialist practice unit. Others work out of local dental hospitals or surgical centers to allow them access to general anesthesia to complete more complex procedures.

General dentists are also referred to as family dentists; they can provide a comprehensive level of care to patients from young to old. All the services they provide are usually available under one roof and they can include everything from restorative treatments to endodontics oral surgery and preventative services.

If you need the services of a dental specialist, we will recommend one who has the equipment experience and resources needed to deal with your unique situation. At any point of your treatment, one of our dentists may advise you to seek specialist care and refer you to someone with a higher level of expertise.

How do I identify the best dentist?

One of the most effective ways to find a good dentist is true referral by asking your co-workers or neighbors who they would recommend. If you live in a tight-knit community, you may well hear the same dentist name repeatedly as they may have a stellar reputation.

If you’re looking for more information, you could Google best orthodontist near me, our best general dentist near me, or whatever specific service you’re looking for. Google will provide you with a link to local specialists or dentists, Many will include their websites so you can see what are the services are on offer and the before and after photographs and the times that their surgery is open and other useful information.